Yoga Grace is a safe and supportive space where everyone can experience the restorative, therapeutic, and transformational benefits of Yoga. To help us maintain this atmosphere, here are some etiquette guidelines to follow so that you (and your fellow yogis) have a positive experience at our studio. 


Be on time.

We understand that your time is valuable, and we do our best to start (and finish) our classes on time. We ask that you come to class 15 minutes prior to the class start time so that teachers can have the proper time to prep for their class as well as to help keep all classes on schedule. This also gives you an opportunity to sign in for class, chat with your fellow practitioners, have tea, and set up your mat/props without rushing. 


Be scent free. 

As many of us (especially those of us with respiratory issues) can become irritated by scented lotions, perfumes, etc., please come to the studio scent-free. Thank you for understanding!


Be kind.

Yoga is a practice that is truly for everyone, and we wish to make Yoga Grace a place where everyone feels at home, absolutely welcome, and comfortable as they take part in these transformative practices. To support us in this effort, please use kind, inclusive language when visiting us at the studio. 


Be tidy.

Please hang up your jackets and store your personal belongings (purses, keys, etc.) in the space provided for you at the back of the studio. This allows our teachers to move around the room during class and helps to prevent anyone from tripping over your things.