Laura Frey

Laura was initially trained in Ashtanga at the age of fifty something. After studying Critical Alignment Yoga and Therapy™ in Calgary, she came to the realization that ‘less could be more’. More ease, less effort. She is inspired by the legacy of Vanda Scaravelli and her practice is heavily influenced by the teachers who keep this legacy alive. The concepts of neuroplasticity fascinate her, and she considers yoga a rich resource for recognizing and changing habitual patterns which do not serve us. We all have a story and it shapes us in so many ways. Slowing down, subtle movement, self awareness, helps us change our story, and leads us toward a more balanced life. A self-confessed anatomy nerd, she is convinced a little knowledge of our own body is helpful in discovering pathways, relationships and connections vital to the experience of living in a centered body.

Since settling here on Vancouver Island in 2014, her continuing studies have included, Chronic Pain Care and Yoga with Neil Pearson of Life is Now, Experiential Anatomy and Yoga with Judith Hanson Lasater, the Supportive Psoas with Leila Stuart, and Practical Neuroplasticity with Jeff Haller of Inside Moves (Feldenkrais Method). She studies regularly with Jill Sawchuk and Louise Simmons, senior Scaravelli method instructors.

Please don’t mistake her gray hair and wrinkles for a wizened senior experienced instructor. She considers herself a newbie, having completed her initial 200-hr training in 2009.

Her students offer up some of her most common rants (guidance) in class:

Respect you curves-spinal curves are beautiful, functional and intelligent by design
PLEASE Stop tucking your tailbone!
Befriend your body. Befriend your breath
Awareness is developed through the undoing, let go of thinking, let go of striving
Explore how less can be more
Treat stretching as the dessert, not the main course in yoga (credit: Robin Rothenburg)

Time away from yoga classes ideally involves exploring the Salish Sea in her kayak with friends or family.