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5-Week Beginner Yoga Series



5 Week Beginner Yoga Series

January 11th, 18th & 25th, February 1st & 8th.


Our 5-Week Foundations Beginner Series has been designed to take any worry or stress out of your first experience with Yoga and to make your introduction an enjoyable and healthy one! In this class series, you’ll learn a little bit about what Yoga is, its benefits, and how it can be a beautiful addition to your life. You will experience how the mind, body and breath work together to form your Yoga practice and what positive benefits it can offer you!


Series overview + General details


We’ve specifically designed this Beginner Yoga Series to be accessible to all ages and body types. Each class in this series builds progressively onto the next. We’ll be covering basic postures and patterns of breathing that you’ll commonly see in a regular Yoga class, as well as how to use props to have a safe practice that supports and gently opens your body. Each class will leave plenty of time for questions and insightful discussions so that you leave this course feeling knowledgeable and confident! By the end of this 5-week series, you’ll feel ready to attend many of our regular classes at Yoga Grace on your own, where you’ll meet our warm and supportive community!

WHAT TO BRING: Wear comfortable clothing and bring a water bottle. We have plenty of Yoga mats and all props will be provided by the studio.


Pricing + General details


 Regular Price: $125


Early bird ends December 15th, 2019


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Teresa Byer | Co-owner of Yoga Grace


 Teresa Byer | Co-owner of Yoga Grace

Teresa is co-owner of Yoga Grace and shares her knowledge of Yoga based on her studies with her teachers as well as the understandings revealed to her through her own personal practice. Teresa views Yoga as a beautiful method of healing the body, stilling the mind, and connecting with our highest selves. Studying various styles under her dear teachers and sharing the healing benefits of Yoga with the world for almost a decade, Teresa believes that as we come to know ourselves through our body, breath, and mind, we begin to remember who we truly are. With this awareness, comes a richer, more fulfilling life. Teresa has a deep love for this practice and feels so blessed to be a part of it, both as a teacher and as a lifelong student.

In this Beginner Yoga Series, Teresa will be sharing her knowledge and passion for Yoga in a way that is accessible and practical, as she helps you to develop confidence and understanding in how to have a rewarding, supportive, and safe Yoga practice.