At Yoga Grace, our teachers are experienced, knowledgeable, and passionate about sharing the practice of Yoga in a way that is accessible to everyone. We come from a wide variety of experiences with Yoga and offer our diverse knowledge base to you!



Engel is the founder and head facilitator of educational studies at Pranayama Sadhana and co-owner of Yoga Grace. Being a longtime student of pranayama, Engel has dedicated his life to its studies and is regarded as a leading authority of its original teachings. Living between beautiful Qualicum Beach and Ubud Bali, Engel facilitates teacher trainings internationally and has been promoting the transformative healing benefits of breathing with the world for over a decade. Being a unique educator by todays standards, it takes only a few moments of being in his company to quickly notice his passion, warmth, and immense curiosity for living. All of which makes the idea of personal development feel fun, necessary and exciting. Today, he continues to maintain personalized relationships with each of his students, as he models the importance and necessity for how we use our mind.

Teresa Byer Yoga Grace


Teresa is co-owner of Yoga Grace and shares her knowledge of Yoga based on her studies with her teachers as well as the understandings revealed to her through her own personal practice. Teresa views Yoga as a beautiful method of healing the body, stilling the mind, and connecting with our highest selves. Sharing the healing benefits of Yoga with the world for almost a decade, Teresa believes that as we come to know ourselves through our body, breath, and mind, we begin to remember who we truly are, and that with this awareness comes a richer life. Teresa has a deep love for this practice and feels so blessed to be a part of it, both as a teacher and as a lifelong student.

Holly Yates | Yoga Grace.jpg


Holly is the original founder of Yoga Grace, and has studied, practised and taught different types of Yoga for more than 25 years, including Classical Ashtanga (8 Limbs system/8 steps to Peace) with Baba Hari Dass, Hatha, Vinyasa and has specialized in Restorative Yoga and Yoga Therapy. She has completed several teacher training courses in India. Holly's study and practice of yoga has taught her to care for herself and others, with a deep sense of compassion and understanding. In 2007, Holly discovered Kundalini Yoga and found the profound spiritual practice she was seeking. Read More...



Rob "discovered" yoga in 2001, when he was working on a cruise ship as a personal fitness trainer. He was asked to teach a Yoga class for the passengers and he agreed to teach a beginner class and it was a big hit! Since then, he earned his 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training certificate and has been teaching in the Vancouver and Vancouver Island areas for over 17 years. Rob is also a certified life coach and his mission is to help people connect with their "inner guru".

Laura Frey | Yoga Grace


Laura was initially trained in Ashtanga at the age of fifty something. After studying Critical Alignment Yoga and Therapy™ in Calgary, she came to the realization that ‘less could be more’. More ease, less effort. She is inspired by the legacy of Vanda Scaravelli and her practice is heavily influenced by the teachers who keep this legacy alive. The concepts of neuroplasticity fascinate her, and she considers yoga a rich resource for recognizing and changing habitual patterns which do not serve us. We all have a story and it shapes us in so many ways. Read More...

Emy Vause Yoga Grace Teachers


Born and raised on Vancouver Island, Emy has been practicing yoga since 2014. She's been fortunate enough to have travelled a lot through out her life, and in early 2018, those travels took her to Pokhara, Nepal, where she received her Yoga Teaching Certification. Emy is looking forward to growing her teaching practice in such a beautiful, welcoming studio, as well as with the Yoga Grace community that has always been so close to her heart!



Ricardo has embraced the path of yoga for many years following the lineage of Ashtanga Yoga. The journey has been rich with different yogic styles and Ricardo has been fortunate and inspired by the teachers and teachings along the way. Sharing songs and stories from the great Yoga writings is a great joy for Ricardo.



Chito has been practicing Yoga since 2008. Before moving to Canada, she taught Yoga in Japan for 7 years. Chito is a certified Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga instructor registered with Yoga Alliance.  She has studied different styles of Yoga from various teachers around the world.  She enjoys learning as much as she enjoys teaching, subscribing to the mindset that to teach is to learn. Chito believes our minds are materialized and all people in the world can attain happiness. Through Yoga, she has developed a deep appreciation for life and is so grateful to have her family, friends, healthy food, a roof over her head, and a bed to sleep in. Chito believes that love and appreciation are the most precious of all things. She encourages her students to keep going, to be happy and have something to look forward to everyday. 

Bonnie Evoy Yoga Grace


I feel so blessed to be a part of this beautiful Yoga Grace Community. I always do my best to provide classes to leave you feeling energized, peaceful, open, strong, healthy, relaxed and inspired. Each of my classes includes breathwork, meditation, gentle stretches, core work and slow flow asanas, with restorative Yoga therapy techniques specific to your individual needs. My background includes 31 years as a Registered Massage Therapist, and 11 years focused on Yoga Teacher Trainings; first in Thailand for Hot Yoga, a 500 hr training course at Heat to Heal Sanctuary, courses and workshops for Yin, Restorative Yoga, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Kundalini University, Pranayama, Meditation, Nidra, and many more. Read More...

Julie Gauthier


Reiki healer, Indian Head Massage practitioner and holistic nutritionist to be, Julie unexpectedly took her Yoga Teacher Training in 2016, when backpacking in Indonesia. She found such comfort, healing and peace when immersed into the culture and values of Yoga, that she decided to share the gift of the practice with others. Passionate about service-based projects in developing countries, she also founded The Karma Traveller. By providing support through service-based projects focused on sustainability and education, The Karma Traveller fulfills its mission of bringing Yoga off of the mat and into Julie’s day-to-day life.

Jess Outhwaite | Yoga Grace.jpg


Jessica has been practicing Yoga for 15 years. Her journey with Yoga started as a cross training program for her athletic career. She used Yoga to help create balance, strength and agility for her athletic endeavours as a synchronized swimmer. She spent 5 years on Canada's National Synchronized Swimming Team representing Canada at many international competitions. She continued to use Yoga to stay in shape at the conclusion of her career when the practice of Yoga developed in to a lifestyle. She took her Yoga Teacher Training in Guatemala in April of 2014 and since has ventured to find the balance and serenity in life. Her practice and teaching focuses on developing the spirit, mind and breath while challenging the body through the physical demands of the practice.

Elyse Archer Yoga Grace Teachers


Elyse is a grateful Yogi who is passionate about love and connection. She is a human who has devoted her life to healing and consciousness development through multiple avenues and modalities. She believes that once we are able to heal and come into our oneness individually, we extend that growth to the collective, the one interconnected consciousness. Her goal is to love all parts of herself and inspire others to graciously join her. She wants to illuminate all humanity with breath and unconditional acceptance through Yoga as a union, the way she interprets this life practice. She consciously moves her breath through her body, tethering it to movement and allowing it to ground and support her to this magical earth.

Tamara Fosty


Tamara’s been a Yogi since 2003 practicing all forms of Yoga over the years.  In January of 2017, she followed her path of becoming a certified Kundalini and Hatha Yoga teacher.  It was round two of a major life transformation. Kundalini yoga helped her Tamara through limiting beliefs and get firmly connected to her soul’s purpose.  Her goal is to support you on your journey to discovering and living your authentic truth. Tamara also works with animals and people providing Reiki services, crystal healing and animal communication.  You will find her at many local markets and spiritual events sharing her knowledge and beautiful offerings.



Hi, I’m Lucy the Lab!  I enjoy my regular yoga practice at Yoga Grace.  I have my own mat which I retire to after greeting everyone. I am very polite and peaceful during yoga class. My favourite pose is savasana. I frequently assist people with breathing techniques and relaxation by gently calming them with the sweet sound of my snoring. I am very grateful for the Yoga Grace community because they love me so very much. I’m especially grateful for those that bring me treats. When I’m not enjoying a yoga class, you can find me swimming, chasing a ball or running beside my mom's bicycle. I am certified and trained in the art of happiness and love.