At Yoga Grace, we choose to offer a wide variety of Yoga practices, and believe that there is truly a class for every(body)! Check out the information below to learn about our different class options. 


Gentle Hatha

This class is a gentler and slower variation of a Hatha class. Students will focus on aligning and opening the body while breathing mindfully to support them in the process. Props are often used to offer variations and modifications to make postures accessible to all practitioners. In this class, students can expect longer holds, providing you with lots of time to explore the sensations in your body as you're guided through the practice. This class is accessible to everyone and is a great class to begin your journey into Yoga!

*This is a great class for anyone who is new to Yoga!

Gentle Flow & Stretch Yoga Grace

Gentle Vinyasa

This beginner flow class introduces students to the rhythmic flow of Vinyasa Yoga with a slower, more accessible pace. Students can expect to gently flow through postures as they lengthen and open their body in this relaxing and soothing class. Modifications of postures are always offered so that Gentle Vinyasa is accessible to all. If you've been wanting to try Vinyasa, but weren't sure if it would be suitable for you, this class is a perfect introduction to this dynamic style of Yoga!

Hatha Yoga Grace


In this class, students can expect to move through a variety of asanas (postures) while paying mindful attention to the alignment of the body as well as their breath. Variations and modifications for postures are always offered and explored to ensure that this class is accessible to all levels of practitioners. These classes offer a variety of both opening and strengthening postures, as Hatha Yoga is a path toward creating balance and uniting opposites.

Pranayama Yoga Grace


A Pranayama class is great place to start your journey with Yoga! These classes are accessible to everyone and consist of a simple breathing practice that helps to settle the mind and facilitate an inquisitive and introspective mood. In this class, students can expect a therapeutic breathwork practice, followed an empowering and motivating discussion. All in all, this class is designed to help enhance your respiratory ability and to clear obstructions in the body and mind so that you can feel more alive. We are proud to host the only pranayama classes in all of Vancouver Island.

*This is a great class for anyone who is new to Yoga!

Kundalini Yoga Grace


Kundalini Yoga incorporates breathwork, posture, movement, mantra, meditation and mudra, and will encourage you to experience yourself deeply. You will notice a transformation towards physical strength, heightened awareness, mental clarity, and happiness. It will bring balance and alignment to your physical, mental, energetic and spiritual bodies and break down energetic blocks to release your mind, body and spirit.

Restorative Yoga Grace


A Restorative Yoga class uses props (blocks, straps, bolsters, pillows, chairs, etc.) and the prolonged holding of simple postures to achieve a deep level of rest and relaxation. By supporting the body safely, students can surrender enough to release stress, ease tension, stretch their body, and soothe the central nervous system. A restorative class sets a deeply relaxing tone that comforts your mind and body right down to the cellular level. In need of a deep, relaxing experience to balance out your busy, fast-paced life? This is the class for you!

*This is a great class for anyone who is new to Yoga!

Restore your Back Yoga Grace

Restore your back

This class is intentionally slow and mindful. Learn about your own structure and function. Gain insight to the natural intelligence of your spine, the support and stability which resides in the deeper layered postural muscles. Learn to initiate movement from this deep center. Slow your practice down to discover/uncover more. More support, more stability, resilience and comfort. Moving from the centre is not just a physical experience, but can be an energetic, grounding and spiritual experience as well. No previous Yoga experience is necessary. Bring your mat and curious mind.

*This is a great class for anyone who is new to Yoga and those working with injuries.

Vinyasa Yoga Grace


Vinyasa Yoga evolved from traditional Hatha Yoga, linking breath with the movement of the body. It offers students an opportunity to develop both strength and openness in the body, and encourages you to begin to build a deep relationship with your breath. In this class, you can expect to move your body through a dynamic, "flowing" sequence of postures set to the rhythm of your inhales and exhales. Because of its rhythmic pace and continuous movement, a Vinyasa class is best suited to those who can safely move in and out of postures at a quicker pace.

Yoga Stretch Yoga Grace

Yoga Stretch

Yoga Stretch is for anyone needing to open, realign and rebalance their body, and of course, quiet the mind. In this class, students can expect extended holds, combined with the supportive use of props and mindful breathing, to release tightness and tension in the body. You will leave this class feeling relaxed, open and renewed. This class is accessible to all, and everyone is welcome!


Not sure about which class is best for you? We can help! Come in and talk to our teachers or reach out online using the form below.