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Embracing Inner Peace w. Devmurti + Hari Amrit Khalsa

Embracing Inner Peace to Heal the World

Join Denman Island teachers, Devmurti and Hari Amrit Khalsa on Friday, May 10th! Through Kundalini Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation we will journey towards our Inner Still Point. Inner Peace gives us a new sense of purpose, awakens our courage and expands our point of view. Healing the world is both an internal and external process. It is vital for us, as a people, to start consciously relating to our Mother Earth, to heal the natural world around us. As Yogi Bhajan says, "If you call, this entire Universe around you is at your service." A soothing gong bath will be offered as we rest.

Details: Friday, May 10th 6 - 8 pm | $25 (same fee for auto-renew members)

To register, visit us at the studio or click “buy now” below. Reserve your spot ASAP, as space is limited!