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The Yamas + Niyamas | Living a Life of Yoga w. Teresa

While our first experience with modern Yoga is usually with physical postures and breathing techniques designed to help us find freedom within our physical bodies, classical Yoga also gifts us beautiful moral + ethical practices to support us in living a more balanced and harmonious life. Unfortunately, these often go unstudied!

Join Teresa for a beautiful evening of discussion + contemplation as she explores the Yamas & Niyamas, the first two limbs outlined in Patanjali's classical Yoga. Learn to incorporate these powerful teachings of Yoga into your life to find more peace, compassion and freedom so that you can walk your path with even greater ease. This evening will be in a discussion format and absolutely all are welcome to attend.

Details: Sunday, August 11th, 6 - 8 pm | $25 (*free for auto-renew members)

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